The economical solution for the repair of triple-skin outer wall panels

Weather facing reconstruction system FWS II

The fischer weather facing wall tie FWS II is a system for the post-installation securing of triple-skin outer wall panels made from concrete. The system consists of the stainless steel weather facing wall tie FWS II and the fischer injection mortar FIS V and FIS V Plus. The expansion-free load application with the fischer injection mortar enables anchoring in facing masonry with a 80 mm thickness. The fischer FWS II is secured in the load-bearing layer in the weather facing using the injection mortar. The plastic coating protects the insulation from being penetrated with mortar. The large anchor diameter means that FWS II achieves a high shear load resistance. This reduces the number of required wall ties per panel, which saves on costs.
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Total length
Nom. drill diameter
Effect. anchorage depth in the load-bearing skin
Anchor per 360 ml-cartridge
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